Bare Bones Episode 2: Sarah Griffin

What do you get when you mix a love of writing, a love of gaming and a love of adventure? The answer ladies and gentlemen, is the 'quintessentially' and Irish, yet currently cosmopolitan Sarah Griffin .


A born storyteller, Sarah is remarkably easy to listen to; I've been following her tweets for a while and have loved her colourful character from afar so getting to have her for chats alongside Jack in Bread and Bones was an absolute treat!

Lookout for references to the N64, arguments over just which Zelda is the best Zelda (Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask... Ocarina of Time of course!) and chats about being an Irish soul (somewhat alone) a million miles from home. Aspiring writers, Sarah also has some great tips for you!

So from writing transcendental musings, to being that 'Ride from Malahide', to weddings and honeymoons in theme parks, Sarah has brought her love of Dublin and video games to Episode 2 of Bare Bones!

Enjoy Episode 2 of Bare Bones

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