Brightened by the Night

I often wander.

I often wander the streets.

I often wander the streets at night.

I'm blissfully brightened by the night.


I often wander the streets at night.

But you already know that.

That feeling.

Of walking through.

Busy streets.

Now empty through.

That feeling.

Of seeing things.

No one else will.

That feeling.

Of being there.

In the middle of the road.

Knowing no cars will bother you.

Last night I went to a show in Smock Alley and afterwards I said to someone, "I'm going to go take some photographs". They were incredulous.

"Now? At night? In the dark? But that's dangerous!"

Isn't that a part of it?

Isn't that maybe why I'm doing it?

A little bit of danger.

A little bit of intrigue.

A little bit of mystery.

The things I hear.

The things I see.

The things I feel.

Are brightened by the night.

I am Timi

- Dublin, September 12 2015 -