Hello, Goodbye

I walked home.

Just like I always do. 

I walked along. 

On streets I know and love. 

I walked down Grafton Street on a warm December night. My responsibilities mounting but my cares steadily dissipating.

I carry my camera in hand, casually stopping. Casually smiling at strangers in moods jollier than usual. 

The night is dark as you'd expect, but the atmosphere is warm with fluttering hearts. There is much to do but time seems infinite.

Time seems irrelevant. Time seems a distant concept. Time seems an old friend who is always on the cusp of calling, but thinks against it.

And so my hands run through the festive lights as my eyes scan the passing smiles. I say goodnight and I slip away. Into the night and into my dreams, to wake up to time... Tomorrow.

I am Timi.  

 Grafton Street, December 2015.