Behind The Glass

I've been fascinated for the last year or so with the complexities of how we use social media; the things we post and the things we don't. 


Where is the line? I mean, what do we post and why do we post it? We're living through a glass, but is that really living? What is okay to share and why do we share it? Is it to boost our egos? Is it a fear of missing out on a trend? Or are we just addicted to the likes, the comments, the shares and the retweets? 

For that matter, what do we not share online? What do we hold to ourselves? What do we not want people to know? Where is the line? And how far is the line from person to person? Why is the line where it is?  

I figure the only way to find out is ask people, move from person to person and ask them what it is that makes them share so much and what areas of their lives they are not willing to share and most importantly... Why.

In my case I've never really been one to share too much, I share my photographs and I enjoy a conversation online; I love to write and share personal experiences that other people may be going through and may help some people but that's where my line is. The door to my apartment is a sacred line to me and I like it that way. 

Over the next few weeks, there will be more portraits taken of others through the looking glass and an insight to what makes them tick both online and offline... 

I am Timi