Up On 6th

Climbing high.

84 steps and counting.

Bring me right.

Up on the 6th.


It’s a day of small victories, small margins and small steps. There’s a certain element of days like this. Almost a sense of dread as crucial moments come close. Not just a sense of dread but there’s this anticipation that lingers in the air as I wake up and it stays with me the whole morning. It calls for an outfit that is defiant while still cool in my own way. It’s one of those ‘my way or the highway’ kind of days.

On the 6th

My favorites. 

 It’s not that I want to or enjoy pissing on anyone’s parades. Believe me when I say that I don’t do that (or don’t believe me, I don’t care to be honest). I’ve got Taylor McFerrin blasting in my headphones and I’ve got my favorite HYPE jumper out. Hang on while I get my checklist –

Turquoise glasses? Check.

Extra Longline navy tee? Check.

HYPE jumper? Check.

Blue skinnies? Check.

Polka dot socks? Check.

Pastel Green sneakers? Check.

It’s a typical Nozzle & Spray kind of day. One where no quotas (or fucks) will be given and my Simpsons X HYPE jumper embodies that. Covered in 3 eyed fish it’s a head turner, a rubberneck maker and a lens stopper. Don’t want to be looked at? Don’t be caught wearing this. I’ve dubbed it the anti-camouflage jumper for a good reason! 

Under that is a very longline tee from Boohoo.com that just falls short of my knees. One of my ghetto dresses, is what I call it. Take from that what you will  you can’t go wrong with blue skinny jeans. Listen they go with everything and well, actually that’s it… They are blue jeans. Polka dot socks on the other hand are another kettle of fish (whatever that means) I’ve got a soft spot for mad socks (or no socks) and these were the first thing I picked up. 

Listen In

Details details details… Some say it’s all about the details. I say people need to stop having sayings. It’s getting boring really; everyone’s a Socrates 🏾🏾 anyway I’ve got on my Softech gunmetal watch and a skinny pewter colored chain with a little ‘T’ on a gold tag. You know… Just in case I forget how to spell my name.

My favorite thing to put on my feet right now are these pastel green Nike Air’s from Size . I probably wear them a few times a week, so they’re a little bit scuffed but I don’t really mind that (nozzle & spray attitude) they’re ridiculously comfortable and pretty fucking cool. Did I once wear them with a three piece suit? Yes I did. 

Ice Creams

It’s not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be.

Dublin I’m ready for you.

Nozzle & Spray