Wall Green Wallop

Point that nozzle.

Let it spray.

Rocking that Hype shit.

All over Dublin.


I’ve never been one to conform to order and I’ve never been one to tell you what to wear, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then close this page, close your browser and throw away your device; from a very tall building.


Or whatever.

Saying that, I’m also a high street kind of guy. I don’t believe in paying extortionate prices to a brand to pretty much advertise for them. You want my opinion? Fuck that. I’ll take high street and keep obvious branding to a minimum please and thank you!

So like. 


What the hell are you wearing Timi. I’ll tell you. I am wearing my go to ‘city adventurer’ style outfit because well, it’s comfortable (to a degree) and it looks pretty damn slick. 

Or whatever… Where’s my clipboard? Oh here it is. Here we go –

Oversized jumper? Check.

Pastel Blue specs? Check.

Vulcanized drainpipe jeans? Check.

Electric blue running shoes? Check.

Checklist checked off and I’m good to get up and go adventure. 

Because adventure. 

This look isn’t for everyone (obviously) and here’s why… My oversized jumper? Well it’s a £10 girls size 12 from Just Hype, a wicked English brand I’m slightly obsessed with (Because ‘Simpsons‘). It works in the day, works at night. Unless you’re going to a snooty bar where the vintage isn’t vintage and the drinks cost the price of global warming.

Quantify that. 

If you can.

Omg he’s not wearing socks! No he isn’t but you know what? That’s okay! My feet feel goooood! And no, they don’t smell (bad). I’m walking on sunshine, and I’m not being burnt. These runners aren’t just a complete color clash with my outfit oh no, they are also little clouds, lined with feather filled pillows that hug my feet and toes with the tenderness of newborn lambs. That enough for ya? They’re Nikes blah blah blah. Yeah you can buy them anywhere, for the cost of a night out. 

Every Which Way

 You don’t need to know where I got these jeans (Topman) because you can buy them in pretty much any store on the high street. So there. Simple, a little bit mental but hey it works. Well maybe for me.

Nozzle & Spray