Simple yet Unsophisticated

"Hey you! Yeah you! The fuck are you wearing? Go join the circus!"

The words of an idiot earlier today. Yeah I heard him, but to be honest I don’t listen to shit talkers. 



Hello man in fully coordinated tracksuit that has NEVER seen the inside of a gym. A tie-dye tee shirt I do not believe has ever been worn by anyone in any circus (in Europe). Anyway, rant over for now; today is another Nozzle & Spray day, I’m dressed simply yet unsophisticated. 


Hang on a minute, let me get my checklist –

Tie-dye tee shirt? Check.

Blue skinny jeans? Check.

Electric blue sneakers? Check

That’s pretty much it, but this is a go to look for a day that requires me to run around town as a busy boy getting stuff done. My tie-dye tee comes from and is only £5… That’s it, 5 damn blips; if it doesn’t look like summer outside, I’m going to at least make it feel that way to me. 


Skinnies come straight from River Island for just about €30. Sure look they look good and feel good, so I got 3 pairs (3 different colors ). They go with just about anything… Including more than one blog post  

Last up is these running Nike sneakers from Office. They’re sort of like walking on live chinchillas. Actually it’s more like having chinchillas carry you from place to place while feeding you cherry nectar. I’m basically trying to explain that these are very comfortable sneaks. Get it? No? 

I'm Whatever. I’m not joining the circus anytime soon.

Nozzle & Spray