Ice Cream Dreams

The sun was out, it’s hotter out today than most of the summer months. 

Feeling fresh and on a mission.

Today was a Nozzle & Spray kind of day.


There’s no other way to explain the day we had. It’s the end of September and I’m walking around Dublin in nothing but a damn tee shirt. Someone call the EPA, global warming has arrived (cue fanfare). I’m in town today meeting up with a few artist friends about a show I curated a couple of months ago; it’s one of those days (like all my days) where I’m running for place to place so you know I’ve got to be comfortable. Well nothing screams comfort like ice cream on a hot day… 


First things first; clipboard out, pencil in hand, let’s get that checklist checked shall we?

Oversized white tee? Check.

Black skinny jeans? Check.

Trusty backpack? Check.

Delicious ice cream sneakers? Check.

There you have it. Simples right? I’ve loved this tee since the first time I saw it. A few days ago and probably the only reason I didn’t buy it is that I literally have about a hundred ‘cool’ tees, half of which I don’t remember buying! I picked it up yesterday in H&M for 4 blips which is an absolute bargain (obviously).  


Bearing in mind this is an oversized fit, I’m rocking it in a size large instead of a small because I love my ghetto dresses don’t you know? I’ve also rolled up the sleeves a tiny bit so I don’t look like a kid in his older cousins old clothes! The print is reminiscent of something that Tyler the Creator would wear on an album cover; so I’m sold obviously. I’ve got on a skinny ‘gold’ chain from Topman I picked up for €10 and it just adds an extra layer to the plain tee look.

You can’t ever go wrong with black denim in my book, especially when worn with a white tee. Three words?

Fresh To Death. 

Trust me. 


As always, I don’t think this look is for everyone, but if you ask me, anyone dressed like this looks well cool (including me… Cough). It’s an effortless look easy for summer days and easy on the wallet. 

Nozzle & Spray