Black & Fuschia

One is a city slicker.

One is a city mover.

One is an adventurer.

One just likes to have fun ๐Ÿ˜˜

You will come to learn as you read this blog what I'm all about. If you were to ask me straight up (actually lets pretend you are) I'd tell you I'm into art of all kinds but I have an affinity for street art. I'd tell you I'm into all types of music... Well I'm into good music but whatever. I'm into individualism, as ridiculous as that sounds! So if you are wanting me to tell you how to act, what to wear etc then pleas refer to my last post and throw your device out a really high window.


Speaking about art and individualism, one left the house today for what's going to be a very long day. I mean so long that... I can't come up with analogies it's that damn long a day. I'm going to three shows with the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival (which I am thrilled to be a judge at this year), going to a launch of something or other in the Liquor Rooms and have two meetings in between. It's one of those days when I need an assistant and they need an assistant. 


So basically it's a day when I need one outfit that will work in every occasion. I'm not going to wear a suit. 

Fuck that.

I'm not wearing a tracksuit or joggers or whatever they're called. I'm not Usain Bolt.

Fuck that.

I threw on this outfit. Hang on while I get my checklist -

Turquoise glasses?  Check.

White dress shirt? Check.

Black floral tee? Check.

Black floral jacket? Check.

Black skinny jeans? Check.

Indian Rosewood Nike Air sneakersFucking check.

Yes you read right... My sneaks are not pink, not salmon. They are Indian Rosewood... Don't forget it. They come from Size online for a bargain price of 50 blips thank you very much I'll take that see you later ๐Ÿ˜˜. 


Jeans and tee shirt? Straight off the high street. Thank you River Island. These will do me just fine! I've layered the tee shirt over a simple plain white shirt from Penneys (luv) because they're 8 blips.

8 bloody blips. Here's a tenner I'll have my change thank you kindly.

My favorite jacket right now is this beauty from the Hype store in Boxpark, Shoreditch... Hype is a wicked cool English brand and definitely. One to. Keep an eye on this Autumn if you're a cool cat. If you aren't then I suppose you shouldn't or whatever. I'm wearing that size XL because I like a big fit. That is all.  

Glasses are an everyday job because everyday. Is another day for turquoise glasses.

It's not for everyone, and it shouldn't be. 

Dublin I'm ready for you.

Nozzle & Spray