H&M X Balmain 2/2

As a child and well into my mid teens, I expended so much effort trying to fit in that I consequently don't care anymore. If you don't like what you see, look somewhere else. The H&M X Balmain collection smacks of that attitude and I love it! With my second and favourite look from the #HMBalmaination shoot on Saturday I embraced my inner rockstar and unleashed my rebellious side... Just for a little bit.

Photos: Du Jingze

My favourite piece without a doubt in the collection is this black and red leather jacket that is remeniscent of every bad boy in every 80's movie and you need an awful lot of attitude to pull it off! That being said, when I put my hands through the sleeves and let the jacket drop onto my shoulders I was surprised at the weight of it but that only served to reinforce the quality of the jacket.

I love how versatile this jacket is but most importantly just how much it stands out. If you're anything like me, then you will love this jacket and everything about it. Like everything else in the collection, the devil really is in the detail; with quilted shoulder and sleeve sections, diagonal zips down the fronts and flaps you can pin down for a more lean look, this jacket is everything and for a leather jacket comes in at only €249.

I paired the jacket with a black linen tank top with a very low slung underarm just to finish off that rockstar / biker look. The top is a longline fit  and slightly longer at the back which really adds to that street vibe of the collection in general. You'll be able to pick it up for about €25 on Thursday morning.

I seriously cannot wait for the collection to be released on Thursday! If you're in Dublin and looking to get your hands on some #HMBalmaination gear, get yourself down to H&M on College Green as early as you can that morning, I expect this hip hop & Street inspired collection to fly off the shelves

I am Timi