Swatch Spring Seletion

You know that time of year when the sun comes out to play? When the birds sing and the bees buzz? Well it's finally here and I took a beautiful spring walk into town for the Swatch Spring/Summer collection. 


You know, even I sometimes forget just how beautiful Dublin can be and I'm actually quite happy the trams are on strike today because it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a walk along the Liffey; with the sun shining down and the temperature hovering above 2 degrees, Dublin was somehow quiet amongst the everyday noise... The perfect day for the Swatch Spring/Summer 2016 collection launch. 

So the launch took place in the loft bar over at Soder + Ko on George's street and I was quite impressed with the use of space on show. I've been to quite a few events in the past here and this time, Swatch's use of colour and minimalist design went hand in hand with the decor of the Scandinavian bar.

There were gorgeous treats and gourmet teas from The Social Bee on arrival ; my favourite treats being the blueberry sponge cake! Melissa did a great job creating the delicious cakes and brewing her sumptuous teas which are sourced from Clement & Pekoe. The cupcakes were also topped with icing that replicated the watch faces in the 'ES WAR EINMAL' collection....

Speaking of the collection, I've always loved a good Swatch ever since I was a kid and my dad got me my first Pop Swatch! I loved how bright and colourful it was and how I could swap out the faces whenever I felt like it! Since then, I have collected Swatches of different kinds; mostly because of the style but always because I could afford them! The present collection is no different with a whole host of designs, straps and colours in six different sub-collections to tickle just about anyone's fancy; all starting from an affordable €50!

The Es War Einmal collection takes me back to my childhood with all the pieces here designed around various fairy tales and mystical and mythical figures. Meaning 'Once Upon a Time' in German, the collection is sure to appeal to kids of all ages including people like me who are kids at heart! My favourite piece has to be the Batman watch that comes complete with the little bat ears illustrated over the watch face!

The Power Tracking collection is heavily 'geared' towards guys with the muted colours, open gear design and fascinating dials. probably the most interesting watch in the collection is the 'Strapper' which somehow helps you tracks your meals and snacks; I'm not sure how it works, but I'd love a closer look! Both the Es War Einmal and the Power Tracking collections are available in all the Irish stores now!

There are four other sub collections coming in the next few months with the Floralia and Metallix collections in March, followed by the vibrant Africana and Beach Swing in April! The entire Spring/Summer collection is inspired by muted tones, storybooks and precision and there is something for everyone... Especially me!

I am Timi