Hidden in Plain Sight

It irks me, and irk is not strong enough a word for how I feel sometimes.

The city of Dublin and only because I live here right now, is full of gems. 

Gems that no one seems to be looking for.


Taking a walk across town (a slow one) Just taking in the sights, breathing the air you know… I have my camera with me and I’m taking the odd photograph, having my fancy tickled so to speak. I’m seeing art, old and new pieces. I’m going down unfamiliar paths because why not right? 

Simply put, I’m exploring my city. I’m always exploring and why not? How can you know what’s in your city if you don’t explore it? I’ve been there. I’m not going back to it. That’s another story for another day however.

This time I’m in Smithfield and I’m just checking on one of C215’s 10 old pieces. It’s stunning I know. No like I really know. IT IS STUNNING. While I’m here and it’s a good 10 minutes, I see one person walk past and I think oh it’s a shame they don’t know about this piece. Then I see another. And another and another. Then I see a bus load of tourists.

And yes, I’m irked.

Well I’m a bit more than irked.

I’m pissed off.

Im sitting in a cafe and I can’t stop thinking about it. Why is everyone in such a bloody hurry? Why aren’t they looking around? Why do THEY look at ME with surprise when I stop to take a picture of something so exquisitely hidden in plain sight.

I think I’m perfectly justified in my position.

Matter of fact.

I am.

Get out more.

Nozzle & Spray