ET Phone Someone!

It's not everyday you are confronted by an alien in an alleyway.

It's not everyday that that alien just so happens to be a tourist.

It's also not everyday that alien just happens to be ET!

Slainte ET!

Slainte ET!

Well today isn't everyday, it's another day in Dublin and we were lucky to have artist Crummy Gummy pay a visit to these shores from the Free World recently! I'm a fan of the old and I'm a follower of the new, so this wicked touristy version of ET covering this wall in Temple Bar is right up my alley (no pun intended).

Crummy is self described as a photographer of gummy bears and a maker of humorous street art. His addiction to slurpees and comic books is reported to be legendary; just like this piece he's left here. 

ET phone home... wherever that may be.

I am Timi