Huawei Snapys

I had the pleasure over the last month or so of being a judge with the Huawei Snapy awards (that's pronounced Wah-Way Snahpy)! It's been a lot of fun and it all culminated in one action packed evening in the splendid Dublin City Hall last night...

Most of you guys know I'm slightly obsessed with Instagram and of all people I should (and do) know what opportunities it can bring the most dedicated of Instagrammers. So last night, it was great to see so many amateur photographers and Instagrammers holding their own alongside seasoned professional photographers.

In many ways, you can say that photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Flickr have really levelled the playing field in many respects while helping many people develop latent talents as well as (and I love this point) bringing people out of their shell and interacting with people around the world.

Conor Lynch, Lawson Mpame and Roz Purcell

Conor Lynch, Lawson Mpame and Roz Purcell

Well last night for some people, the entire world was focused on the stage in City Hall, Dublin. Mine was focused on my glass of an exquisite Pinot Grigio that I simply must get my hands on in the future. Judging the competition was quite fun but most importantly, my fellow judges were a bunch of brilliant characters that I'm happy to call friends.

So the winners won but there was an experience in it for every one of the finalists on the night with Colm O'Reagan moving things along and Killian O'Sullivan keeping the tunes pumping throughout and after the award ceremony (my unexpected appearance on stage may haunt me forever and ever... Amen)

I have to say a huge well done to everyone involved in putting this together as maybe a little too much fun was had by all (even with the occasional hiccup). A special shout out to the crew at Catapult Events who are absolutely remarkable when it comes to staging events and to my company on the night in Nirina and Lorna.

A few pictures (between all the laughing and chatting and bordering on debauchery below)

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