Who are the Victimised?

This is not a rant* 

Anyone who knows me, knows it is quite difficult to annoy me or to put a significant dent in my happy go lucky demeanor. I'm pretty ticked off right now... 

What is this nonsense? 

What is this nonsense? 

"Social Welfare denied to the Irish but given to non Irish who have paid nothing... This is racism and it is the Irish who are the victims". Most of you who read my website are sensible people as far as I know and you will know that I don't talk about negatives because simply put... Ain't nobody got time for that. Everyday however I walk the same route to college and on Aungier Street, just outside the Carmelite church there are often these A4 pieces of paper pasted up on light poles the bus stop nearby.

I find these posters sickening beyond explanation for a number of reasons. Firstly, the idea that social welfare is denied anyone; sure there are too many people who are reliant on welfare and there is an underlying problem that needs to be solved to alleviate the burden on the tax payer and help people to re enter the workforce where possible. There is maybe an issue in the amount of social welfare that is received and how it is distributed but we need to be careful in saying that the Irish are denied social welfare in favor of anyone else at all.

Secondly, these posters are always in the same place and seem to attack mostly black Africans, specifically Nigerians. Before this, I remember seeing one of these posters saying that Nigerians got more welfare than Irish citizens so that they could buy 'good' hair products... WHO IS WRITING THESE THINGS?

On that note, the 'author' of these posters does not consider how much non-Irish people actually pay in taxes in this country. The 'author' seems to have conveniently forgotten or maybe has a lack of knowledge as to the amount of non-Irish professionals in our workforce. Maybe they should pay a trip down to Grand Canal Dock or the IFSC some lunchtime to see how many shades of people, sounds of languages and non-Irish people there actually are paying taxes here. 

Finally, this particular poster paints that the Irish (I include myself in that) are the victims of racism in our own country, from our own government and each other. I don't believe the person who wrote this poster knows what true racism is (because I do) and their crudely written post which one Twitter user has described as 'information gleaned from conversations with dad' clearly show a lack of thought or empathy and I would love to see them sat in the naughty chair for a year or two and maybe taught a little bit of economics, some social science and a hell of a lot of empathy for others. 

You are a victim of yourself.

Not of racism. 

I am Timi 

*this may indeed have been a rant... Please leave your thoughts below.