Spotlight On: The Ahmads

Some families are lucky to have one really creatively talented person around the dinner table, but the Ahmad's have at least three making waves in Dublin town...

I first stumbled upon one of the young trio early this year on Instagram; @ayeshabeans is a stunning account that blew me away with its beautiful simplicity, eye for detail and stunning minimalism in doses. I've since got to know the super secretive and soft spoken Ayesha and it was with mild surprise that I found out at the time that Ayesha was only 15 years old (WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?!?!)

2015-12-10 06.32.33 1.jpg

Well Ayesha usually walks around town armed with a camera and aims at Dublin with her unique sight... her subjects include anything from back streets to beautifully captured city greenery to people; which leads me to her brothers...

DTMD... Magician, comedian, entrepreneur and man about town... At 13? Yes. DTMD has his own clothing line; Joker Clothing,  a YouTube channel  where he wows people with his flawless magic tricks and makes people laugh out loud! I was lucky enough to have him in my studio space for a while to watch him get up to shenanigans as his sister photographed the whole thing. His Instagram account is absolutely amazing and features a lot of Ayesha's shots but with his own distinct direction. He's one for the future; actually he's one for the now!

Finally there's Saeed, the oldest on the list at a sagely 17... I met Saeed in the summer along with DTMD and they are two stylish guys! Saeed looks like he has just walked off the pages of an urban magazine and he has the attitude to boot. His Instagram (@cullyguy) features a lot of conceptual images, a lot of illustrations and even more Photoshop wizardry. I do wonder when looking at this stuff how and why I wasted my childhood playing video games when I could have been learning actual skills!

The video collaboration below by Ayesha and Saeed is brilliant; it is short, emotive and shows off the conceptual direction that this trio currently take. Watch out for the Ahmad's, they can literally go as far as they want!

I am Timi