Spotlight on: December Playlist

So here we are... 25 tracks and an hour and a half of chilled out, lyrics focused and minimally produced tracks to sit back to and enjoy as we enter the winter... 


Putting together this series is going to be a lot of fun; I'm not a fan of generically produced shite, so a lot of music on the charts just doesn't appeal to me. Music for the masses is not for me and I'm always finding gems outside of the mainstream. Each month, I'll drop you a few gems that you really should be listening to; there's still great music out there and it's waiting to be heard! Check out my December  PLAYLIST.


Love this track Oraclies from Boots, the man behind a lot of Beyoncé's 'BEYONCÉ' album... If you haven't heard of Boots, get acquainted with his genre breaking tracks. His album AQUARIA is an absolute dream and I've lost hours of my life listening to it.

Also in the playlist and on the album is a track titled 'I run Roulette'... It's absolutely electric and a far cry from anything you'll imagine from a Beyoncé affiliated artist! Listen now, thank me later 🎈 




I've been following Black Atlass for a year or so now and his music is absolutely incredible. This 20 year old Canada based artist creates music best described as malleable and he combines it with his unique fashion direction to create truly memorable tracks. This track Paris is haunting and draws you in from the very first note. Also look out for 'Tonight' in the playlistAfter collaborating with the likes of Louis Vuitton as an 18 year old, I can guarantee you will be hearing even more from this young man.


What can I say about Raleigh Ritchie that you haven't heard already? Well if you haven't heard of Raleigh, you must have been living under a rock. He somehow manages to infuse the energy of live shows into his EP's, the perfect example being 'You Make it Worse' on his Cuckoo release.

His new track, 'You're a Man Now, Boy' is absolutely beautiful in invoking inspiring feelings through nostalgia... The opening four lines are chilling and you'll love them 🔋





I came across 'Kiss The Sky' while playing a point and click game, Borderlands on my iPad recently and it absolutely broke my heart in the sequence it was played in. The video to the song is also stunning in its simplicity and poignancy.

This is a track you'll have on repeat. The first few chords are repeated through the track and the piano keys are on point. By the time Shawn's hoarse voice comes on, you're hooked! Check it out on the playlist 🎙


Finally, there's Mount Kimbie's 'You Took Your Time', performed by 19 year old King Krule. This track is a stream of consciousness; almost a commentary of the fruitlessness of modern city living in our pseudo dystopian present.

If you have a chance to watch the video to this, definitely do so. It's incredibly dark but has hints of hope and redemption. It's not quite a new song but it's one you'll love once you get into Krule's incessant drawl. One of my all time favourite songs.



So there's a little taste of the playlist! Have a listen and let me know what you think!  Until next time 🤓

I am Timi