Spotlight On: Folded Like Fabric

I'm loving this new Hastings duo, 'Folded Like Fabric' after stumbling upon them in a random playlist late last year... 

I've been listening to the four track EP, 'I Tried' now for a few weeks and I have to say I am very impressed with what I have heard. The guys, Jay Mooncie and Connor Sims show a maturity that is beyond their years in the production values and the risks they take in some of their songs.

Creating easily 'chant-able' songs almost bordering on litanies is easier said than done and they seem to have mastered the art of this. 'I Tried' is easily recognisable with the bells and acapella quality in certain parts and the chorus is liable to blow you over at least six times in the three minutes.

The video to the song above is directed by Will Burgass and while there is nothing absolutely ground-breaking about it, the execution and delivery are absolutely superb; especially in the second half.

My favourite track however has to be 'You Said'; the use of periods of silence is daring and the way the tone of the song is switched up while retaining the same feeling is stunning. I cannot wait to hear more from the lads and I have only one question... When are they coming to Dublin?!

Check out I Tried

I am Timi