Bare Bones Episode 5: Dave Rock

When I think about Dave Rock, I think about a man who is filled with eternal monologues that lead nowhere; yet everywhere and I was more than stoked to have him on Episode 5 of Bare Bones! I think you will too!

Dave Rock is a brilliant poet and public speaker and coach who hitchhikes his way through life with song in his heart and soulful words on his lips and as myself and Jack sit down to talk to the man I initially met a couple of years ago as he made hearts beat to the rhythm of his voice on a Dublin bus, I am filled with a sense of warmth at this pool of molten positivity in front of me; it is fitting then that his first words are "Relax your arsehole

Outside of arsehloes, we talk this week about big egos and cases of mistaken identity. there is a little bit of shite talk (mostly from me) but a few nuggets from Dave on getting over writers block, the theatrical way we talk as Irish people and most importantly, trying not to go to the parties you aren't invited to!

Look out for some heart moving poems performed live on the show "Tonight at least, I can say your name without setting the world on fire"

I am Timi