Fiduciary Fallacies

Life can be difficult at the best of times, and at the worst of times it can be horrible. So is it any surprise that the number of reported cases of Multiple Personality Disorder is on the rise?... I think not.

Passing Mirrors... Smoke & Mirrors...

You see, a ‘wise’ man once said “Give a hundred monkeys a hundred typewriters and given enough time, in amongst the gibberish, you will find a text as profound as the complete works of Shakespeare. Well, I beg to differ; this monkey, with nothing but a modest laptop (be it with windows 7 functionality) is attempting to make the infinite monkey theorem moot and 99 monkeys redundant in the process; And herein lies the contradiction that the monkey is.

On occasion, under certain unknown circumstances, I have been known to descend into a delusional state, sometimes adopting one of a random series of personas, some of which have names, professions and even families in other planes of their ridiculous ‘realities’.

For reasons unbeknownst to myself (but possibly not to another of my personas) when it comes to self duplicity i.e lying to one’s self, I am nothing short of a master technician. I often drop into another persona to avoid the truth or to accept a lie in order to properly believe it.

Now, one of my personas just so happens to be a twenty-something year old child (Being that a child can grow up and still just be a big child) with a penchant for a certain sort of laughable casual ‘shoe’ called Converse (shoes are an alien concept to the tweetymonkey as they have always been an unnecessary distraction from his beautiful toes). Now this latent persona of mine fancies himself as a bit of a writer and insists on from time to time dropping excerpts of his work on my blog.

Well, I insist that he is delusional and I maintain that he is an even greater practitioner of Self Duplicity than I am, and for this very reason, I will indulge him from time to time… If only to feed my curiosity; After all, curiosity is only fatal to felines, right?