I think maybe I'm addicted to this feeling. This unique and mysterious; almost mystical feeling... of starting new journeys.


The irony in the photograph is in the way it mirrors my life as it currently stands. I find myself at the end of a long and exciting journey; an end that satisfies and satiates a hunger that I had deep down in me. 

However, I now stand on a platform, both literally and figuratively as I wonder which train to catch and what time to catch it. Likewise I find myself in a position where I need to make not just one decision, but multiple and they must be taken at the right time. 

I'm addicted to this feeling. 

Starting afresh. 

Unsure of the route of journey. 

But confident in reaching the destination.

I'm standing on the platform. 

I am smiling. 




I am Timi 

 Connoly Station, 11th June 2016