Peace in You, Peace in Me, Peace in Us

It is in this moment.


This moment of clarity.


I find myself, waiting...

It is in this moment of clarity, I am able to look in your eyes.

Instead of looking at you, and seeing right through you.

I see you for who you are, and hear what you say as if you speak through me.

It is in this moment of clarity, that I remember who I am.

Instead of who I think I am, but who I am with you.

I feel you for who you know I am, and feel life as if you live through me.

It is in this moment, now.

This moment of clarity, here.

I find myself, waiting for you to say what I have already felt you think.

It is this singular moment of clarity, now.

That I have come to realise just how much of me you are.

I have come to know, just how much of you that I am.

And it is in that realisation, in this very moment.

That I am at peace.

Because I know that you are nothing more, than an extension of me.

And I, an extension of you.

We are not one, we are many and I am grateful.

Grateful for this singular moment.

This moment of clarity.

That I hope you find someday.

I am Timi