Every now and again, something I spot on the streets gives me a little chuckle, however today I've had a snort and mild convulsions...

I read an article earlier today about the tensions between North Korea and the joint forces of the US, South Korea and Japan and how they're planning on fully implementing new sanctions on the isolated yet volatile nation led by the  much maligned Kim Jung Un (*SPOILER ALERT* He dies in The Interview)

Needless to say, the whole situation is fraught with tension and with China involved, we really could be on the brink of World War 3... But I really can't stop laughing at the pieces of art pasted up around Dublin city. A depiction of the 'Champion of the West' Obama and his North Korean counterpart as lovers or BFF's has me in stitches as I walk the streets of Dublin!

I guess in many ways, that is the power of art and street art in particular; to take the mundane, the scary and the wary and brand them as ridiculous. More of this I say!

I am Timi