Inside: Meet Me In The Morning

The thing about Dublin is that there is always somewhere and something new to find and today on a random walk around town, I stumbled into a new gem, Meet me In The Morning.

On the same day it was confirmed that Berlin D2, one of Dublin's more creative and atmospheric spaces confirmed they would be closing downI took a walk up around Harcourt Street, along the empty Luas track up to Charlemont and around the Bernard Shaw looking for something new. On my journey, I walked along an alleyway parallel to Camden Street and ended up on Pleasants Street where Meet Me In The Morning stands proudly, yet blends in to the environs...

The massive window outside ensures that the cafe is actually surprisingly bright for a grey day and the team are incredibly welcoming to this cafe off the beaten track. I knew within the first two seconds of peering in the window that I'd be sitting down for a bite and a hot drink! The breakfast menu looks quite bare with only three items on it but when you really look into it, each of those dishes has so much love poured into it.

Gorgeous hand written menu

I had the Nut eile (an Irish version of Nutella) on toast with honey and sea salt and while it seemed a bit steep for €5, I have to say I was well satisfied with my fair and my goodness the nut eile was absolutely gorgeous! I always rate a cafe by how well they do hot drinks that aren't coffee and my chai latte was absolutely divine! The honey on the side of the toast was just the right extra touch for the dish.

I love what the guys are doing here and how open the entire space is; the kitchen is visible from every table and the large counter is easily accessible. The chairs have a mismatched and vintage quality that feels right in this really old building that has been refurbished with love by some very passionate people.

Meet Me In The Morning is a brilliant addition to the Dublin's vibrant cafe scene and most importantly it has its own unique quality and seems to be carving its own niche in the area; great for a quick coffee, a lunch meeting or an early date ;-)

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