St Paul's, Vancouver

One of the places that left a real imprint on me from my trip to Vancouver was St Paul's on Burrard Street...

I lose count if the number of times I walked past the façade of the hospital as I walked from my hotel to the harbour, to Gastown and other parts of what turned out to be my (second) favorite city in the world.

I remember sitting across from the hospital and admiring the architecture and the contrast between the ambulances all sitting in a tidy little row and the red brick of what is an undoubtedly stunning structure.

In many ways, St Paul's embodies the city of Vancouver in it's embrace of modern amenities while firmly rooted in a proud historical past. As I sat there, I dreamed up stories of the past of what looks on the outside to be a sleepy hotel and I smiled an awful lot at nothing in particular.

St Paul's came to my mind today after a few months and I'm not sure why, but as I'm sat here I find myself smiling at nothing in particular, once again. 

I am Timi