Bare Bones Episode 3: Solus

The man with the magical mustache, Solus joins us for episode 3 of #BareBones! We talk shop and more with the man whose magic wand is a can of spray paint and whose mind is a place I'd love to visit... 

It's always good meeting up with artists and Solus is someone I've known for a few years and had a chance to work with on a number of occasions. We talk about the journey into the world of art from part time to Irish export; painting walls in alleys of Dublin to getting out to Bushwick in NYC, Art Basel in Miami and around Europe. We even get serious and chat gentrification and its causes and consequences; all in the cosy confines of Bread & Bones.

"It's not about boxing you DUMMY!!" Check out #BareBones Episode 3!

I am Timi x