Stop Wars

It is a mad world we live in. Crazy. We live in a world where we have to ask, to beg, to plead with whoever will listen; to ‘Stop Wars’.


It is crazy isn’t it? Whatever happened to common decency? Where is the sympathy, damn it, where is the empathy!?

Stop Wars. 

It’s crazy isn’t it? 

Stop Wars. 

Stop Wars. 

I know.

Is it a dream? Or a reality? Is it something to aspire to? Or something to strive towards? 

I suppose it is not real to many of us as we are nowhere near a conflict. It is a dream, a faraway tale that never seems like it would be a reality. It is easy for us to say it, ‘Stop Wars’. But do we really care?

I spotted this epic piece by Fink on Francis a street a couple of days ago and it is gorgeous in its simplicity yet beautiful in its complexity. Its message is simple but so powerful.

Stop Wars.

Nozzle & Spray