Box Puppy

Temple lane is home to an ever changing canvas. Artists come and go and leave their mark. It's currently home to Solus, The DRiF and Crummygummy and its looking fantastic!

I've been following Solus for a while and I've had the pleasure of having him exhibit at some of my shows in the past. His style is very much that of the underdog rising up and in some ways it's a story of hope and self redemption.

I've known of New York artist, The Drif for almost a year now and almost had the chance to work with him. I've been following his work and his abstract and sometimes eclectic work has always blown me away.

Recently, The Drif flew over to Dublin and painted this wall along with Solus and Crummygummy (see previous post) and I love the contrast and also the similarities between these two pieces of work.  More of this please!

I took this photograph this morning as I made my way to college. The bright colours on the wall heavily contrast the grey of the cobblestones and the mid morning atmosphere that hangs ominously over Temple Bar and there's something hopelessly hopeful about this particular scene.

I am Timi