Moobles and Toobles

Our little Bean isn't here yet, but it looks like they're well on the way to being incredibly stylish thanks to Moobles and Toobles!


Karli is all about quality and simplicity; she loves heavy and soft fabrics that are well built and structured for herself so I knew she would be the same with the baby. Me on the other hand..... I love bright, eclectic colours and bold prints and illustrations so there was always going to be a bit of a clash there! 

Well I've been following Moobles and Toobles well before we knew we were having a baby and soon after our first scan, we obviously started thinking about what our baby would look like and of course, what they'll be wearing!  Well today we got our first little outfit for baby Bean from Moobles and Toobles and it's just perfect for the two of us and we think for our baby Bean to be (try saying that three times fast!)

We are in love with this bodysuit with a beautifully illustrated 'Tudor Bunny'  on the front and a Star Elfin Hat that we keep imagining on the baby! This is the first outfit we have for our June baby and we think it suits both our sensibilities and styles with the fabric and structure and illustrations! Check them out below!


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