Lace 'em up Girls

"My life is dope and I do dope shit!"... those were the words of a (still) egomaniac Kanye West before he dropped College Dropout and sometimes I can relate although in a (much) less egotistical way!

Sometimes I get to hang out with people that make the city a vibrant and interesting place to be in and I'm quite happy to be able to do my bit in small ways to add to that. On Friday, I decided to take a break from living in a libraty and working on my thesis to hang out with the supreme talents of DMC and Solus as they added to the evolution of the always evolving Temple Lane South.

Seeing the guys work from scratch, from priming their walls to setting out their cans and scoping out the walls is a great experience; similar to watching an orchestra conductor prepare himself to direct a masterpiece... There's a calmness from watching the guys wrapped up in the passion that the experience is almost transcendental to watch quietly. One of the best parts is seeing scores of people pause and smile as they walk past and offer words of encouragement or take a quick picture and carry on.

DMC was painting his first wall of the year and went classic with a pair of his iconic 'Missed Call Girls' while Solus brought something new to the table after his recent exploits in NYC. His piece celebrates the inner variety within us all and also the different faces of a woman; the dainty and sweet of the high heels and the tough and resilient of the boxing boots... Stunning.

Both pieces have something that makes them stand out, even when that thing in particular fades into the background. Take a closer look at DMC's piece and you will see how he places words that seem incredibly random into the overall piece, leaving a little something of himself with the 'girls', while Solus' use of his stencil must be applauded; I helped pin it up and the intricacies in the cutting are absolutely brilliant! It must have taken hours to visualise, let alone cut out...

Beside both pieces is the old piece from The Dr!f! that still stands proudly and bearly tagged and all three look great together. Get yourself down to Temple Lane South before they're gone!

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