BeOriginal | Jameson

Every now and again some image, words, or gestures pull at the heartstrings of my heart and play a tune of emotions dedicated to Dublin and Ireland...

I am absolutely in love with this video from the guys over at Jameson; it is absolutely stunning in its premise and delivery and ties in with my personal mindset of being original and being yourself in every aspect of life. Scott Carthy has done an absolutely amazing job here and there's even a little cameo from James Earley.

The video has been dropped in the lead up to St Patrick's day, a day celebrated worldwide by people of multiple colours and creeds; Jameson are about being bold and original and instead of celebrating all things Temple Bar, they are celebrating 'the attitude' of the day rather than the place and in the video above they celebrate what makes our little nation so special.

"We've done alright" a voice begins in the video, with keys playing in the background... The music and intensity of the delivery of the message builds to a climax "You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St Patrick's day" and ends with a poignant message... "Run with it; show us how it's done" 

What do you think about the video? What makes you original? Share this video if you had a flutter in your eye while watching it ;-) 

I am Timi