Myself To You

Hi! You must be Karli?

Reaching out my hand to shake yours, those were the first words I spoke to you. You smiled, looked me in the eye and replied...

Hi! You must be Timi.

Our first picture together...

Our first picture together...

That was how we met, on a dark December night all those years ago; our own little meet cute. Do you remember what happened right after that? We turned away from each other, to do whatever it was that we were meant to be doing and then somehow, we both caught each other doing a double take out of the corner of each others eyes...

It's crazy to look back at that moment and imagine what would have come from that hello; I don't think either of us would have pictured years of fun, support, surprises and even.... a baby. There have been so many moments that I never want to forget, both large and small; moments that I always want to remember, not because they are fond memories, but because I shared them with you.

Remember when I made you dinner for the first time, and you arrived four hours late? I do.

Remember when we walked along a Cypriot beach, watching the sun come up? I do

Remember when we sat on the porch and I told you all about my favorite books? I do.

Remember when I was feeling lost in life and dejected? You threw me a surprise party because you knew it was not what I wanted, but what I needed? I do

Remember when I had to go away for Christmas? and we sat in a bar all day and had a Christmas dinner of Mexican food and got so drunk we couldn't walk home? I do.

Remember when you were told there needed to be surgery to bring our son into the world? and YOU had to reassure ME that everything would be OK? I do.

Remember when our son slept in his room alone for the first time? You cried and I left the room so you wouldn't know I was crying too? I do.

But here we are... it is almost a decade later and somehow you are still here with me, celebrating another birthday; this one your very first as a mother and I couldn't be more proud. Every day I appreciate the special person that you are even more and if there is one thing I would like you to know today, it is that even though I don't belong to anyone, I am glad to have given myself to you.

Happy Birthday x

I am Timi