My Ireland, Stephen James Smith

The steady stream of gentle waters flowing across what one imagines is a sandy bank in a bay somewhere along a summery Irish coast; the sound of sand and the quiet hush of rocks precede what is the wonderfully emotive voice of the poet that is Stephen James Smith...

My Irelandโ€™s got the fear... wondering why we are here

My Ireland is post modern; self aware
— Stephen James Smith

Stephen plays with words and phrases; both in English and As Gaeilge, sometimes even mixing the two into the same beautiful prose. Watching the film above, you can't help but be drawn into the mischief, the mayhem, the gayness, the pomp and the camaraderie that is Ireland.

My Ireland was created for the St Patrick's Day Festival and was filmed by the very talented Myles O'Reilly. Follow Stephen in his journey along our lush island of Ireland, from the Big Smoke to the countryside; the film is beautifully shot and somehow truly and utterly encapsulates all that is Ireland - both gorgeous and ugly.

I first heard of Stephen James Smith in the beautiful video of the Dublin city, 'Dublin You Are...', which he created in conjunction with my good friends and super talented individuals, Derek Kennedy, Aoife Dooley, Aidan Kelly and Wissame Cherfi; Check it out below... 

Catch you somewhere in Dublin city!

I am Timi