When There Was House

I'm lucky to be surrounded by creative people everywhere I turn. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances continuously blow me away with their ability to make my heart sing. This time however, it is family doing the trick... 

It's not often that I get to work with family on anything creative, but when I was approached by the cult figure that is Corrugated Tunnel (CT), to be in the video for 'When There Was House', I couldn't resist! CT has been setting the house scene alight since before I knew house was a thing and just so happens to be my partner's uncle!

ooh it was me, there was house and we were free...

The video is based on a concept I had with the very talented Ayesha Ahmad for the shoot 'Boy With A Balloon' and was an absolute blast to film. There are a few things I share with CT, our love of music, street art and Dublin city. In many ways, I think we were able to capture it all in this video, which features vocals from the South Beach based singer Droze, who croons his way through the track, "ooh it was me, there was house and we were free...". I've got this on repeat and can't wait to hear it on a night out!

Check out some shots from the 'set', all by @ayeshabeans:

Find more from Corrugated Tunnel and tell him I sent ya!

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