Boy With a Balloon

I spent so long trying to fit into the crowd that I've gone the other way... Why try to fit in, when you can stand out? 

Photography: Ayesha Ahmad

I've always been fascinated with things that are just a little bit different and that goes from my choice of electronics to my (mild) obsession with monkeys and the red balloon emoji... These obsessions and my innate desire to stand out carry over into my sense of style and my interactions with the city I call home; Dublin.

Last week, I hung out with Solus & DMC as they painted on Temple Lane South and somewhere in the middle of that, I met up with Ayesha who is one of my favorite photographers to shoot a look we had concepted in parallel and somehow brought together over a feverish and frantic ten minute conversation.

A couple of hours later, with helium filled red balloons to hand and my 'fisherman' coat on my shoulders, we went exploring the old and new Temple Bar for places that stand out in their own quiet way. Places reflecting what the city is; a little grimy and a little old, but full of beauty, charm and a sexy individualism; even among the collective.

This shot was inspired by Banksy's 'Girl with a balloon' piece...

The city mirrors my own sense of individualism; in a time when it has become fashionable to be 'dapper' (mind you, I was doing that in 2012!), I have embraced what it is to be urban. Long-line, almost dress-length tees and jumpers, super skinny jeans and a good pair of sneakers for traversing the city are all part of my staple outfits... Throw in a cape on a chilly day and I can't get more comfortable than that.

Crampton Court, Love Lane, East Essex Street and Temple Lane South are in a tiny radius away from each other but somehow, each has their own individual unique qualities that really made this shoot... From the heart spattered floors of Crampton Court, to the urine soaked quality to the air in love lane a few seconds away and the touristy but somehow cool Temple Lane South, this yellow rain jacket from ELKA layered with a bright green zip-hood from Bench and matching Nike Airs cry urban and city while mirroring the surrounding locations... This is real city camouflage.

There's nothing wrong with being dapper and I can certainly 'dapper-up' when absolutely necessary but isn't that just another trend at the moment? I don't see it as being practical on a day to day basis; especially not for city living. This is nothing new, I'm just passing through with my two cents on urban living.

I am Timi

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