Art in Belfast

One of my favourite things about Belfast is the concentration of street art in certain places...

A few weeks ago, I was in a freezing cold Belfast city taking some pictures, attempting to explore and trying not to fall victim to hypothermia!

I remember walking for ages trying to remember the way to a place I'd been years and years ago and because the city is so small, I eventually stumbled upon this street filled with art from some of my favourite artists both North and South of the border.

There are beautiful walls from DMC, Danleo, Friz, Visual Waste, Marca Mic and so much more! I walked for hours and took some pictures of some brilliant collaboration pieces while people walked by apparently blind to the beauty around them.

I didn't get to see everything I wanted but you can have a glimpse here of some of what I was able to spot while I was there below. 

I am Timi